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Monday, November 08, 2010

Guilty: Anti-choicer behind "wanted" posters

Philip Benham, of Operation Save America has been found guilty of "criminal stalking with intent to cause emotional distress" and been sentenced to 2 years of probation.  He was charged following his distribution on "wanted posters" of doctors who perform abortions.  Similar posters have appeared before the deaths of reproductive health doctors, including Dr. George Tiller.
Distributing "wanted" posters of doctors who perform abortions is not free speech, a North Carolina court ruled Monday. Philip "Flip" Benham of Operation Save America (formerly Operation Rescue) was "just found guilty of two charges of criminal stalking with intent to cause emotional distress and disruption of domestic tranquility for residential picketing," reports Ms. Magazine. Benham, who papered the neighborhoods of the doctors' offices and homes with the flyers, got two years of probation and was ordered to stay away from the doctors in question.
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