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Friday, November 05, 2010

Abortion's foes resort to deception: What I found when I went to a crisis pregnancy center

Further reporting on so-called "Crisis Pregnancy Centers," which advertise as pregnancy clinics but are actually run by anti-abortion activists and seek to dissuade pregnant women from pursuing abortion as an option.  Many of these clinics appear to be medical facilities, but frequently have no medically professionals on staff.  A new bill in the NY City Council aims to end that by requiring these centers to disclose to patients if they do not have medical professionals on staff.  It would also require these centers to disclose that they do not provide abortion services, contraception or referrals for those options.
A television offered the only sound in the waiting room. On the screen, graphic videos of abortions played on a loop.
Some of the young women next to me sat with their eyes glued to the floor. A few glanced at the television, their eyes wide and wet.

Like me, they were either pregnant or afraid that they were. They had come to a Brooklyn office of EMC Pregnancy Center to get help.
Read more at NY Daily News

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