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Monday, November 29, 2010

Activist Randall Terry wants to take graphic abortion ads nationwide in 2012

Randall Terry, founder of the anti-reproductive rights group Operation Rescue, has announced he is seeking to recruit candidates for the 2012 election with the express purpose of putting graphic images of aborted fetuses on the airwaves, and is possibly considering a run in the presidential election with an eye on an anti-abortion ad during the Superbowl.
Last month, Washington-area residents watched dozens of TV commercials that featured gruesome images of aborted fetuses. In two years, many more Americans might be faced with similar ads if a prominent anti-abortion activist makes good on his plans.

Randall Terry -- the fiery activist who recruited D.C. resident Missy Reilly Smith to run for congressional delegate, thus clearing access to the airwaves -- announced this week that he plans to recruit candidates to run for Congress in the nation's 25 largest media markets, expressly to air graphic TV commercials.
Read more at The Washington Post

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