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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Clinics Challenge Louisianna Abortion Laws

In response to the recently passed abortion laws in Louisiana, six clinics challenging the validity of these statues, including one which requires women have an ultrasound, and one which maintains abortion providers may not be eligible for malpractice coverage in certain circumstances.

Six medical clinics have challenged Louisiana laws on abortion, including the "Ultrasound Statute," which could force doctors to make women take home ultrasound pictures of their fetuses, even if the women resist, according to the federal complaint.

 The Hope Medical Group for Women and five other clinics say the two state laws are vague, "will deter qualified, reasonable health care providers from entering the field of abortion provision," will "make it more difficult for women in Louisiana to obtain abortion services," and are "not rationally related to any legitimate state interest." 

Read more at Courthouse News

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