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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Celtic’s new Israeli midfielder Beram Kayal will find similarities between Glasgow and Haifa

A new transplant to a Scottish soccer team has an interesting perspective on life in Israel.  Beram Kayal is an Arab Israeli, who lived in Haifa before signing on with the Celtics of Glasgow.

He has come from a city known for having issues with sectarianism, and from a football culture where the major fixtures dominate the news agenda for days in advance. Now he is in another one. Life in Haifa and Israel has given 
Celtic’s new midfielder a head start when it comes to knowing what to expect in the west of Scotland.

Kayal is an Arab. He knows that for many who are unfamiliar with Israeli society it is surprising, even startling, that an Arab could integrate and prosper so successfully there. “People see too much television,” he said, alluding to years of coverage of cross-border violence between Israel and Palestine.

1 comment:

mary meredith said...

i think Beram Kayal should take a visit to Gaza and the West Bank then tell the people of Scotland we watch too much TV.