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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Oklahoma Senate Overrides Abortion Info Veto

The Oklahoma Senate on Tuesday completed an override of Gov. Brad Henry’s veto of a controversial abortion bill.

The Senate action came after the House voted Monday to override Henry’s veto of House Bill 3284.

The measure requires women seeking abortions to provide a host of personal information that will be reported statistically on a public web site without identifying the women. The Senate vote was 33-15. The House vote was 84-13.

“It is disappointing because every veto override just triggers more lawsuits and legal bills for taxpayers,” said Paul Sund, a Henry spokesman. “Similar abortion laws passed by the Legislature were challenged and thrown out by the courts last year, and the latest versions are probably headed for the same fate.”

The GOP-controlled Legislature has now overridden three abortion bill vetoes by the Democratic governor this session.

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